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AI Platform for all your
social media needs.

  • Its AI-powered engine that generates content specifically for brands to create viral posts on social media.

  • 7x engagement with 10x time savings.

  • Create brand-specific posts in seconds. Let your brand stand out.

  • Create posts with the assistance of AI content, AI images, AI videos, AI voice-overs, and AI captions.


Generate posts for All social media
platforms with just one prompt.

Your AI Assistant

Let AI complete the rest of the work.

  • Just provide prompts for how you want your post to appear, and let AI complete the rest of your work.

  • Link all social media accounts with one click and post effortlessly using Social Magic AI.

  • Generate Post Ideas in our Ideas Laboratory

Schedule Posts

Manage Social Media with one click

  • Schedule posts for the whole month across multiple channels with just one click.

  • Get approval on posts from your team or boss with just one click

See Analytics

Get Analytics of all social media with one click

  • Veiw Analytics on posts Engagement in one dashboard

  • Collaborate with the team to effectively manage social media channels.

Seamless Integration With all the Platforms

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